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The latest on the closing of San Juan Generating Station and what we're doing for you.

Stakeholder Outreach

PNM is hosting Stakeholder Outreach meetings in New Mexico to have a two-way conversation about the filing. In addition, the PNM Director of Tribal Affairs and the Vice President of Generation have reached out to the Navajo Nation to set up chapter meetings, as well as a briefing to the Navajo Nation President and Administration.

Tuesday, July 9, internal employee meeting to discuss plans for the San Juan Generating Station, the replacement scenarios we outlined and the assistance we will be providing not only for our workers, but the San Juan coal company workers as well. We are holding this internal meeting first, out of respect for those directly affected by the closure of the San Juan Generating Station.

Thursday, July 18, 8:30-11:30 am, Albuquerque Museum

Tuesday, July 30, 1:00-4:00 pm, San Juan College - Henderson Fine Arts Building Room 9008

Wednesday, July 31, Navajo Nation

Sunday, August 11, 12:00 pm, Shiprock Chapter

Monday, August 12, 3:00 pm, Nenahnezad Chapter

Tuesday, August 13, 4:00 pm, San Juan Chapter

September 17, 5:00 pm, Upper Fruitland Chapter

September 26, 6:30 pm, Tse’ Daa’ Kaan Chapter

To review the filing, click here.

Letter from SJGS plant manager:

SJGS Team,

I would like to start by recognizing the great improvements you have all made in safety, employee commitment to continuous improvement, and thirst for knowledge development. As a team we have made some tremendous strides in each of these areas and will continue to make improvements both at San Juan and wherever you may find yourself in the coming years. These are commitments and values that are never achieved as a destination but rather a journey we will continue at San Juan and beyond.

We find ourselves in an ever-changing world with technology advancements. As PNM begins this technology advancement in how we generate electricity in this great state we live in, we want to make sure the most valuable resource, you, has a transition plan, too.

PNM leadership is committed to helping each of you successfully transition into your next chapter. For some, their legacy will be finishing San Juan strong and transitioning into a successful retirement. For others, it will be finding a new position with your existing skills. While others will have an opportunity to expand skill sets by embarking on a new career.

Regardless of which path is right for you, the relationships and bonds built with the San Juan team will be life-lasting and impact each of you in ways you never imagined. Please don’t undersell the accomplishments you have made at San Juan. The decision to close the facility is not a reflection of your values and commitment.

Please take full advantage of the resources available to you. If you have other ideas or suggestions that are not already outlined, please reach out to me or anyone of the management team for support. These resources are available to you now and will continue past the planned shutdown in 2022.

To the San Juan Team, I thank you for your commitment to safety and dedication to what you do each and every day and look forward to improving that performance through the last megawatt generated from San Juan. It is those core values that will sustain you. I don’t have to remind you that the most important thing we do in a day is returning to our families and loved ones better than we left.


Omni Warner