Helping employees on the next step forward.

PNM has updated the education assistance program for SJGS employees. This program can now be used to reimburse an employee for any form of instruction or training (other than those that deal with sports, games, or hobbies). Educational assistance can be used for degree as well as non-degree programs.

PNM is also working on creating classes that will help SJGS employees prepare for other PNM jobs. This may include classes either off-hours, on-site, or at San Juan College that satisfy any necessary pre-requisites or other beneficial training to prepare for application to other vacant PNM positions.

PNM issued a survey in 2019 to San Juan Generating Station Employees about their future plans and ideas for how we can work together throughout this transition. These survey results are used to shape the retraining assistance program(s) for SJGS employees. View Employee Training Survey results.