San Juan College

CDL Certification through San Juan College:

PNM personnel can enroll in and complete the online classroom course (CDLT-144) prior to the end of the year. For the remainder of 2020, classes will be offered with beginning dates of 11/6/2020.

Once the group completes the classroom, they would move to the driving class (CDLT-146) which would be held Fridays – Sundays.

The current cost of this program is $2,819.

Mikel Wilson is the CDL Program Coordinator. If you have questions about the program, you can contact Mikel or visit the Commercial Driver's License Training program website.

If anyone is interested in this course, register through the San Juan College and apply for the PNM educational assistance program. Reimbursement will be paid upon completion per policy.

Available CDL Courses

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