San Juan employees.

Working together through transition.

PNM is working hard to continue our transparency and openness with our employees during this time of transition. We are committed to providing a free flow of communication. This website serves as an informational resource center for all employees affected by the anticipated closing of the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS).


On Monday, July 1, PNM filed with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission for the 2022 retirement of SJGS. This is still a long process, which will involve a public hearing this fall or early winter and a potential decision either later in 2019 or more likely in early 2020. Part of that process will be to determine what energy replacement resource selection will be used after SJGS closes.

There are a great number of stakeholders involved in this process, and they have differing views of what the replacement resource selection should look like. PNM filed a reliable economic transition plan as a way to replace resources at San Juan. PNM also filed different scenarios that show the impact of jobs, tax base, environmental benefits, and customer cost for the various other options. This will allow a more transparent process, so that all can see the full range of options. Fortunately, San Juan is a great location for future resources, and PNM does anticipate some resources being developed at this site.

Options and opportunities.

With your help, we can better understand what this transition looks like to you and make sure that we are creating options that will work for you. These options include educational assistance, employee job training opportunities within PNM, the San Juan area and at other utilities, as well as retirement planning.