Navajo Nation Workforce Training Scholarship

Navajo Nation Workforce Training Scholarship

The PNM Navajo Nation Workforce Training Initiative was established in 2013. PNM and the Navajo Nation joined forces with Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint and San Juan College in Farmington to develop and administer the program. PNM contributed an initial $1 million, distributed $200,000 annually over the last five years to Navajo student scholarship recipients. PNM is continuing its commitment to the initiative beyond the planned five-year program schedule.

All Navajo students are eligible, but the program especially targets at-risk students, such as those who have depleted government financial aid, or who reside in the Navajo chapters that surround the San Juan and Four Corners operations.

Click on the short video below to watch how this program is changing the lives of these students:

The program offers up to $1,500 per semester to pursue bachelor’s degrees, $1,000 for associate’s programs and $500 for trade certifications. As of May 2018, 260 scholarship recipients had earned certificates and degrees.

We’re so proud of the students for their achievements, and grateful to the Navajo Nation for the opportunity to be part of this effort.